Garden slide Bob for toddlers

Toboggan de 590 cm de haut spécialement conçu pour les plus petits. Tous ses coins sont totalement arrondis. Accès large, escaliers d’accès anti-dérapants et poignées de grande hauteur pour plus de sécurité. Installation avec fondations dans des sols non compacts ou vissé dans des sols compacts.


  • UV Resistance
  • Max. Weight 250 kg
  • Non slipping stairs


  • Yellow / Orange / Red / Blue / Violet


You want to create a unique and tailored playground area? Parkn’Play, expert in leisure facilities, is the answer to all your needs!  Need a small garden slide for toddlers? Reassure the parents with this slide especially made for little kids so they can enjoy afternoons in the garden safely. Bring fun and slide to your guests with our various range of garden slides. It will meet all your desires and needs.The BOB slide is here to serve and entertain the little ones.

For both children and adults, Parkn’Play ensures quality products that guarantee the safety of all.Our products are available in different colors: White, yellow, orange, red or blue!

Do not hesitate and contact us for a personalized quote! We will be happy to accompany you in your project.

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Additional features and tips:

  • Maximum weight. 550kg
  • Slide to install in swimming pools.
  • Non-slip rungs, high balusters.
  • Priority to the concept of safe games for the little ones when designing.
  • Recommended for swimming pools with a maximum depth of 40cm.

Description of the used equipment :

  • Non-slip access staircase
  • Installation screw
  • Safety plugs
  • UV-resistant composites

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